Beech hedges for winter colour

Beech hedges are native to Britain which is why they grow so well in most conditions and soil types that we have. One of the many great things about the plants is their wonderful colour, all year round. They’re a semi-evergreen plant, so they have beautiful vibrant green foliage in spring and summer and, when autumn comes, they retain their leaves and turn to a lovely golden copper shade.

Initially, beech plants can be slow to establish but after 2 years they’ll begin to grow much quicker; if they’re pot grown. At Hedge Xpress we only sell pot grown beech hedging. This will mean that, as long as their handled correctly, there should be no failures when they’re planted. Something that will save you from having to fill any gaps later down the line.

Planting beech hedges

As we’ve mentioned, once they’ve established, beech hedges work well in most conditions. As long as soil doesn’t have too much clay and there’s a good amount of drainage, the plants should thrive. beech hedges in winterHow you plant a beech hedge will depend on how thick and large you’re hoping for it to grow. 1.5 plants per metre will work for a single line hedge and 3 for a double row. Having the plants spaced 66cm apart and offsetting them by around 30cm, creating a ‘W’ shape, should leave you with the perfect setting for a dense hedge.

Encouraging growth

Beech hedges don’t need a lot to get going if they’ve been grown in a pot. The roots simply need a chance to bed out into the soil. The plants won’t need any clipping or shaping in the first year. All you need to do is keep them free from weeds and make sure they’re well-watered. The most common reason for failure is when they’re not adequately watered whilst their trying to establish themselves.

For the first few years of growth your hedge won’t need trimming down. Instead you should use this time to encourage growth and build density. Taking back the longer shoots and slightly clipping shorter ones will help to achieve this.

You can then begin to concentrate on shaping them once they’ve gained some height.

Purple/Copper beech hedging

We have two different varieties of beech hedging available, the most common being green in the summer months. We also have beautiful copper/purple beech plants. They’re a rich copper colour in spring and then darken to a beautiful warm purple in summer. As a hedge, it provides a great contrast to any greenery in your garden, including the lawn. Please note that purple beech should be grown in full sunlight, otherwise it can revert to green.

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