Choose from our popular ranges of hedges and shrubs

A perfect alternative to privet, especially for those who don’t enjoy the distinctive fragrance of privet in flower.

Fast growing hedges are an ideal choice where privacy and cost may be a factor, and there is a need to have a quick solution.

Evergreen hedging is a great low-maintenance option providing year-round privacy and protection

The lavender is also exceptionally useful – its oil is highly prized. Lavender plants are easy to prune.

Create an attractive edge to a border, path or island bed. We offer an excellent selection of fragrant lavenders.

Family-owned horticultural business

Hedge Xpress is a family-owned horticultural business and one of the UK’s leading specialist hedge growers and wholesalers.

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Specialist care in tune with the environment

Hedge Xpress operate an eco-friendly policy, walking the crops regularly to control pests, fungus or bacterial infection.

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The Hedge guide

The Hedge Xpress Hedge Guide

The Hedge Xpress Hedge Guide will first help you to decide which hedging or edging plants best suit your garden both horticulturally and aesthetically and then show you how to give your new plants the best possible start.

Of course, we will be happy to discuss and advise on your project (please call 01993 850 979 or e-mail), but the following should, at least, get you started.

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