About Hedge Xpress: quality hedging plants with fast nationwide delivery

We (brothers Julian and Gavin  Stevens) are a family-owned and family-run horticultural business and one of the UK’s leading growers and wholesalers. We both studied horticulture and worked in a variety of nurseries before setting up for ourselves in 1983 on a nine acre greenfield site in West Oxfordshire, well placed between Oxford, Abingdon, Wantage, Banbury, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Swindon on the Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire border. We produce over 330,000 plants every year including around 50,000 lavenders. Since the beginning, we have invested money in cutting edge technology and time in extensive trials.

Dedicated Service, Delivery to your Door

Hedge Xpress has been created to offer the UK gardener top quality garden hedging plants at competitive prices, delivered direct to your door. We grow hedging plants suitable for all types of garden and all types of use. So, whether you’re looking for an ornamental specimen plant; shrubs or trees to create a boundary or lavenders and box for edging, our range offers versatile varieties most suited to the UK’s climate and soils. Our Hedge Guide will help you find the right hedging plants and lavenders for your garden. Please note that we offer a Click and Collect Service for orders under £120. Delivery Charge details

Competitive Prices and Value for Money

We would not have become one of the UK’s leading horticultural wholesalers if we weren’t competitive. Now, through Hedge Xpress, we can offer the same value for money to a much wider clientele.

If you are considering an order with a value over £1200 then please do contact us for a volume discount. (Delivery is free on orders above £360)

Quality Assurance

Competitive prices are meaningless if quality cannot be assured. That’s why our Quality Control is uncompromisingly thorough. Whether you have a few pots on a patio or a nine acre nursery, the biggest challenge is dealing with pests and diseases. We never use pesticides as the first line of attack, employing, instead, a rigorous Integrated Pest Management system. Our crops are walked every working day so any pests or fungus/bacterial infection can be dealt with before they spread. We introduce predators to keep inevitable and common pests like whitefly, red spider mites and no fewer than 30 different species of aphids at bay and use special polythene sheets supplied by XL Horticulture to filter out certain wavelengths of light to reduce the aphid population by inhibiting mobility and breeding. Constant vigilance is needed – a female red spider mite may only live for five days, but that’s all the time she needs to lay 200 viable eggs.

With pests under control, we need to deal with that other horticultural necessity – water. We have installed a highly efficient gantry system for irrigation. Well-proven in Germany but rarely seen in the UK, it helps produce a far more consistent crop requiring less picking through and grading at dispatch. It also significantly reduces water usage.

Last, but certainly not least, our plants. All the species we sell have been trialled and tested by us to ensure they are suitable for the UK. All our container grown plants are potted on and managed by us – we have a custom designed machine capable of potting 14,000 plants per day. All our container plants are grown on site giving us complete control over every aspect of quality and handling.

In short, the time spent on strict supervision and rigorous daily monitoring ensures we produce healthy, robust hedging and lavender plants that will arrive at our customers in prime condition.

Empathy with the Environment

Whether it is minimising our use of water or employing environmentally friendly alternatives to pesticides, we have always run our nursery in an eco-friendly manner.

Hedge Xpress is a business name of JBS Nurseries Limited, a company registered with limited liability in England and Wales (Company No. 04548809), having registered offices in Bampton as shown above.