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Pests and diseases that can affect lavender

Pests and diseases that can affect lavender As well as making a beautiful addition to your garden, lavender also emits it’s well-known calming aroma to transform the space into a place of utmost tranquillity. As far as pests and diseases go, lavender is justifiably renowned for being remarkably free them – but it isn’t entirely immune. […]

Why you should choose yew hedges

Yew trees, also known as Taxus Baccata, are recognisable by their small, straight pointed needles in dark green. They are native to the UK, and have long been a popular choice for hedging due to their attractive foliage and ability to thrive in most conditions. Here are some of the reasons we’d recommend choosing yew […]

Can Box Blight be Treated?

There is currently no fool-proof silver bullet available to either professional growers or amateur gardeners in the UK that will either prevent or eradicate Box Blight.

Hornbeam or beech hedges – which is right for you?

A common conundrum for gardeners to be stuck in is whether to choose hornbeam or beech hedges to create privacy and add beauty to their garden. Both hornbeam and beech are popular choices in the UK, with much of the decision coming down to personal preference, or which will grow better for your situation.  Here […]

Planting and Growing Hedge Plants in Containers Part 1

For those gardens that do not have the bare earth for direct planting (and this includes far too many front gardens and, of course, patios), the container comes to the rescue. Fortunately, many hedging plants will happily grow in a container. But, to paraphrase Mrs. Beaton: first choose your pot…

Quick growing hedges for privacy

With summer just around the corner, it’s nice to have that bit of extra privacy in your garden to stop those nosy neighbours peering in to see what you’re up to. That’s why we offer a range of fast-growing and affordable hedges to create living privacy walls. Keep reading to learn more about the attractive […]

What are the best hedges for scent and fragrance?

Spring is the perfect time to sit out in the garden, admiring the daffodils and enjoying the smell of freshly mown grass. But did you know that one of the additional benefits many hedging plants offer is fragrance? To add another sensory element to the atmosphere of your garden this spring and summer, consider growing […]

How to grow a pleached hedge

What is pleaching? Pleaching is a landscaping technique that involves planting a row of trees, usually in a straight line, and weaving the branches together along a support framework to produce attractive living fences. This technique has been used since the late medieval period and has experienced a surge in popularity in recent years in […]

Beyond leylandii hedges – alternative evergreen hedge options

Most homeowners like privacy in their garden and home, and many search around for the perfect hedge to create screening. But purchasing evergreen hedges isn’t as straightforward as it may sound and there are a growing number of cases where neighbours are falling into disagreement around over-sized leylandii hedges blocking sunlight or reaching across boundaries. […]