Hedge Xpress Plant Nursery in Bampton

Welcome to Hedge Xpress, where our family-owned plant nursery in Bampton, Oxfordshire, cultivates a passion for plants and a commitment to providing high-quality hedging solutions. Nestled in this picturesque location, our nursery specialises in container-grown plants, carefully nurtured by our dedicated horticulturalists to ensure they boast established root systems, ready to seamlessly integrate into their new homes.

Shrubs, Grasses, Perennials & More

Photinia 'Red Robin' 20 Litre

At our Bampton nursery, we take immense pride in our diverse offerings, specialising not only in hedging plants but also in an array of garden elements that enrich your home with beauty and fragrance, contributing significantly to biodiversity.

Our container-grown plants are the heart and soul of our business. With a passion for cultivating plants that thrive, we nurture hedging plants, topiaries, shrubs, herbaceous perennials, and grasses. These elements don’t just adorn your garden; they become an integral part of its ecosystem, enhancing its allure and environmental significance.

Intricate Topiaries Available

Yew Ball 20 litre, 50-55cm Diameter

The art of topiary is visible at our plant garden centre in Bampton, where our horticulturalists display their skills, crafting plants into balls, pyramids, and cones, adding a touch of refined elegance to any outdoor space. Our assortment of lavender plants, around 50,000 of which bloom annually from our nursery, frames pathways and garden beds with their fragrance and vibrant hues.

Comprehensive Gardening Advice


At Hedge Xpress, our commitment goes beyond merely providing plants. Our trained horticulturalists are passionate about guiding you, offering a wealth of advice on the best suited plants for your needs and optimal placement to maximise their benefits.

We understand the importance of convenience, which is why our efficient delivery service ensures your orders reach your doorstep promptly. Whether you’re enhancing your garden or undertaking a landscape project, we can assist in making the process seamless.

Proud To Be Sustainable

Proud to be sustainable

Environmental responsibility is woven into our ethos. We prioritise eco-conscious practices, employing environmentally friendly alternatives to pesticides and minimising water usage, ensuring that our passion for plants doesn’t compromise our commitment to the planet.

Visit Our Plant Nursery Today

We invite you to visit our nursery and witness firsthand the diversity and potential of our plant varieties. Immerse yourself in our Bampton botanical centre, explore our offerings, and let our experts guide you in discovering suitable hedging solutions for your requirements. We welcome domestic customers, professional gardeners, landscapers and other trade customers to visit Hedge Xpress today.