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2016 FAQs: Choosing the Right Hedging Plant (Part 3)

We come now to those aspects of Choosing the Right Hedging Plant that are entirely in your hands. In our final post, it’s all about form and function…

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Choosing the Right Hedging Plant: Function

Most hedges are planted for a combination of their aesthetic appeal and their function. We’ll take the latter first. Any hedge can provide

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • A clear boundary
  • Wind (and coastal wind) protection
  • A screen to mask an eye-sore
  • A haven for wildlife

But different varieties excel at different functions and if you have a particular priority, then you will obviously have less choice, but you will find the hedging plant that meets your requirements. Use the search function on this page and you can access the 300+ Posts in our archive to find all the suggestions you need.

This will also provide the information you need on both growth rates and ease of maintenance of different varieties.  The former is obviously important if you need a tall hedge sooner rather than later and while no hedge (including Yew) is actually difficult or time-consuming to maintain, some require virtually no attention whatsoever.

Hedging make Better Fences than Fences

Do remember that a hedge can do everything you would expect of a fence – and at a lower cost. This topic has been fully explored in a series of posts – simply click on the title:

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Choosing the Right Hedging Plant: Form

Finally, we come to the part of choosing the right hedging plant that lies entirely in the heart – which hedge gives you most pleasure when you look at it? If you have followed your head so far, you will have arrived at a shortlist of plants that will thrive in your garden and meet your functional requirements. All you have to do now is decide which one you like the most