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Hedges and the Environment

With greater pressures facing the environment, the topic of environmental impact is becoming increasingly more relevant. As we strive to live in a more eco-friendly world, many of us are left wondering what we can do to do our bit for the environment. In this article, we will take a look into the benefits that […]

How to Create a Colourful Garden

What does a beautiful garden consist of? What first springs to mind is fragrance, diversity, wildlife, and colour. But the big question is, how can you easily add colour to a garden? Luckily for you, we’re going to share with you some beautiful hedge plants that will be sure to brighten up your piece of […]

5 Hedge Plants That Deter Deer

Living in Oxfordshire boasts plenty of advantages, with the local wildlife certainly being one of them. Idyllic Oxfordshire is home to a large deer population, with six different species known to wander the county. However, the deer population can be detrimental to garden lovers, with the creatures known to feast on various hedge plants and […]

How to Plant and Grow Hedge Plants in Containers

Plant containers are certainly a valuable aid when it comes to potting hedge plants if you don’t have access to a garden or patch of earth. You can recreate the screening effect of a hedge by planting a closely spaced straight or curved row which will allow the branches of the plant to knit together. […]

Everything you need to know about Yew Hedges

Known as the ‘King of Hedging’, English Yew hedges (or Taxus Baccata) have an easy-to-trim, dark-green, conifer foliage with a slow growth rate – an ideal choice for shaping formal displays, creating privacy or reducing noise. If you’re considering a Yew hedge for your outdoor space, take a look at our top frequently asked questions… […]

How to Grow Western Red Cedar Hedges

Growing Western Red Cedar is simple – as is caring for it. Exceptionally unfussy, it is a hedging plant that will grow well in just about any garden. In this post we will discuss how to plant a Western Red Cedar, the one place it doesn’t grow well, and how to feed it. The Western […]