Autumn Hedge Planting (2)

September may herald the season of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’. It’s also the perfect time for Autumn Hedge Planting.  Here’s how to do it…
Preparing the Ground for Autumn Hedge Planting
Think of this part of Hedge Planting as a house builder does laying the foundations – it’s just as vital:
1. Dig a hole with a garden fork to twice the depth of the fork and remove all weeds, rhizomes and any large stones or other detritus…but keep small stones to aid drainage)
2. Fill the hole or furrow with water and allow it to drain
3. Plunge the hedging plants, still in their container, into a bucket of water for a short while to drive out the air
4. Add organic matter, such as garden compost, into the bottom of the hole/furrow. At this time of year DON’T add any fertilizer – you should only do that when planting in the spring or early summer
5. Place your hedging plants into the furrow with the top of the container at soil level, back fill and firm with your heel to ensure good contact between the soil and roots
6. Apply an organic mulch, avoiding the area immediately around the man stem, and water in