Autumn Hedge Planting – Cherry Laurel

The Cherry Laurel is the great all-rounder: traditional hedge; effective windbreak; good-looking screen; elegant backdrop for a bed or border; attractive specimen plant – and a great choice for Autumn Hedge Planting…
Follow the basic planting instructions (Click HERE) and…
1. Dig plenty of well-rotted compost into the planting hole
2. Stake firmly
Soil: Not really fussy, though you should avoid shallow chalk, acidic soil and/or a truly waterlogged location. Cherry Laurel, like Common Box (Buxus sempervirens), does tolerate wet conditions better than any other hedging plant other than Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) – but wet does not mean waterlogged!
Aspect: Full sun or shade. Extremely drought tolerant
We recommend the following number of plants, spaced 80cm apart:
3m run: 5 plants
5m run: 7 plants
7m run: 10 plants
10m run: 14 plants