Autumn Hedge Planting – Griselinia littoralis


Quick-growing Griselinia littoralis is one of the brightest of all green hedges with neat, graceful and elegant foliage the colour of a perfectly ripe Granny Smith. Hardy, attractive and easy-to-grow…
Simply follow the basic Autumn Hedge Planting instructions (Click HERE) and providing the ground drains well, no other preparation is needed.
Soil: Any well-draining soil – acid, neutral or alkaline
Aspect: Sun or shade but prefers some shelter. Griselinia littoralis is salt tolerant and therefore ideal for coastal situations.
We recommend the following number of plants, spaced 40cm apart:
3m run: 9 plants,
5m run: 14 plants
7m run: 19 plants
10m run: 26 plants
Top: Griselinia littoralis growing wild in its native New Zealand
Bottom: A Griselinia littoralis hedge in the UK