Autumn Hedge Planting – Purple Copper Beech

There’s nothing quite like the beautiful and infinitely varied purple/copper foliage of the Purple Copper Beech. And many find it even more attractive when its leaves redden in autumn. Definitely the hedge for those looking for subtle colour…
Simply follow the basic Autumn Hedge Planting instructions in the posts below. Other than good drainage, Purple Copper Beech has no other planting requirements.
Soil: Avoid acidic soil; otherwise Purple Copper Beech isn’t fussed about soil type providing it is well-draining. Like Yew, Purple Copper Beech will not tolerate waterlogging. If you are gardening on heavy clay, dig in plenty of organic material and grit across the entire area (not just the planting hole) or go for Hornbeam.
Aspect: Full sun – if you are planting in a shady spot, choose Common Beech instead. When situated in a sheltered spot, Purple Copper Beech will keep its coppery leaves until the April of the following spring.
We recommend the following number of plants, spaced 65cm apart:
3m run: 11 plants
5m run: 17 plants
7m run: 24 plants
10m run: 33 plants