Autumn – Time To Start Planning And Preparing Your Garden Hedge

While we may have got used to the late spring holding everything back a month, autumn’s arrival was inevitable. As mists and mellow fruitfulness close in, now’s the time to start planning for those jobs that are part of the autumn schedule. One of those, of course, is the planting of hedges and hedging plants, so here are a few tips to get ahead of the game…

Planning your Hedge

Measure the length your new garden hedge will occupy – just pace it out to the nearest metre
Check your soil’s drainage. It’s easy – see the blog below: Yew – The Grandest Hedge Of Them All (Part 1)
Will the new hedge be in sun or shade?
Decide what you want most from your new hedge: privacy, protection, fast growth, minimal maintenance etc.

Choosing your Hedge

If you know which hedging plant(s) you want, check on the website that it will suit your conditions and meet your requirements…
…if you haven’t quite made up your mind, look through the options
Enter the length into the Hedge Xpress Plant Estimator (you’ll find this at the bottom of every individual hedge plant page on this website)
NB: The number of plants you will require stays constant regardless of the size you choose to buy as the Hedge Estimator calculates according to size at maturity
You’re now ready to order

Preparing the Ground for Your Hedge

Whichever plant(s) you’ve chosen, they’re going to need a hole and digging and preparing their home-to-be is decidedly less arduous and more pleasant in September or even October than in November
Remember, having the holes ready (with grit and/or garden compost at the bottom as required) means your new plants can be popped straight in when they arrive
Leaving new plants in their delivery packaging too long is by far the main cause of them failing to establish successfully.

Photo by Barbara Baker