What are the Best Hedging Plants for: ULTIMATE HEIGHT

What we call hedging plants are, in fact, either trees or shrubs and it is therefore no surprise that four of the tallest growing are all trees:
• Leylandii (35m)
• Beech (30m)
• Hornbeam (12m)
• Yew (10m)
While only a few will be looking for their plants to reach such heights, the following will all achieve the customary 2m+height required for privacy:
• Cherry Laurel (6m) Pic. Top
• Griselinia Littoralis (6m) Pic. Bottom
• Escallonia ‘Crimson Spire’ (4m)
• Privet (3m+)
• Photinia Red Robin (3.5m)
• Common Box (3m)
Remember, though, that once a hedge or specimen plant passes the 2.5m mark, it will be too tall for many amateur gardeners to trim safely without a lot of additional equipment.