Large Lavenders

With the Lavender season round the corner, we’ll be focussing on these popular plants in the next few posts. We’re starting with an old question – why buy large Lavenders…

Large Lavenders

Large Lavenders are those sold in 10 litre containers or larger.
Perhaps the main benefit of buying large is that, at least in our case, you are buying a plant we have grown and cared for right through two whole growing seasons – regularly watering, feeding, trimming and checking them. And, of course, potting them on.
Second, they are evidently strong, robust and pest free. The larger the plant, the more able it is to withstand the rigours of replanting and the faster it will establish itself and restart growing.
Third, they provide instant impact. Lavenders are not especially fast-growing and a 10l Lavender, though often not fully grown, will nonetheless, create quite a stir in a border or bed.
Finally, our 10l Lavenders (like all our plants) are container grown. This ensures their roots have been given the care, space and conditions to grow strong and vigorous.

Our Varieties of Large Lavenders

We offer a choice of three highly fragrant, decorative, hardy, easy to maintain and drought resistant Lavenders that simply require full sun and any well-draining soil to create a fabulous display.
Between them, they offer a delightful variety of foliage and flowers and, perhaps most important, flowering times that stretch from May to early September.
Full descriptions are available on their individual pages – just click on their name:
Lavender Dwarf Blue
Foliage:   Bright, vibrant green
Flowers:    Light blue
Flowering period:  Early June to August
Height:   40cm excluding flower spikes
Notes: Visually similar to Lavender Munstead, but slightly hardier. Its dried flowers make highly fragrant potpourri
Lavender Grosso
Foliage:   Silver green
Flowers:   Deep bluish-purple
Flowering period:  Mid July to mid September
Height:   70cm excluding flower spikes
Notes:    Excellent variety for cut flowers and, for the really keen, essential oil
Lavender Imperial Gem
Foliage:   Grey green
Flowers:   Dark violet
Flowering period:  Late May to mid July
Height:   30cm excluding flower spikes
Notes:    Visually similar to Lavender Hidcote, but slightly hardier
As we always say, when it comes to Lavenders, small may be beautiful, but large is magnificent.
NB: Lavandula angustifolia ‘Dwarf Blue’, Lavender x chaytoriae ‘Richard Gray’ and Lavandula x intermedia ‘Grosso’ are also available in Air-Pot troughs, each planted with four specimens. Click HEREfor details.