Consider lavender for low level hedges or borders

A lavender hedge can add style, class and a wonderful scent to your garden. When most people think about hedges, they think about dense, green borders, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.
low level lavender hedge outside property

Lavender hedges are perfect for creating low level hedges or borders.
Depending on the plant variety you choose to go with, the plants can grow up to 3 feet in height. With evergreen leaves and stunning flowers from mid-spring to late summer, it will be a beautiful addition to your property all year round.

Planting and caring for lavender

Most varieties of lavender are relatively hardy plants and do well in the majority of soil conditions. Their one detriment is being planted in areas with in adequate drainage – so do bare this in mind. They revel in direct sunlight.

When planting a lavender hedge, we’d advise leaving between 30-45cm between each plant, depending on their size. Try to keep the base of the plants out of wet soil and maybe consider planting on a ridge.

One of the many great things about lavender is the time it takes to grow. Once planted it grows extremely quickly; you’ll get height and density within a few months. It requires a fairly small amount of maintenance and will only need pruning once or twice a year to stay in shape.

Things to do with your lavender

Famed for its delightful fragrance, there are loads of different varieties available that all look slightly different. It mostly comes in hues of purples, pinks and blues and you can also get paler varieties in whites and creams. After the summer when your lavender flowers are due for pruning, there is the obvious drying out and using the flowers as decoration. After being hung, the plants can retain their fragrance for a couple of months.

Lavender is also great for cooking or creating oils or perfumes. You can find plenty of ideas online about what to do with your lavender.

Get your lavender hedge started

If you’re interested in creating a low level lavender hedge on your property and would like to discuss your option, please call us on 01993 850979. Or, view our full range of lavender plants.

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