How to Create a Colourful Garden

What does a beautiful garden consist of? What first springs to mind is fragrance, diversity, wildlife, and colour. But the big question is, how can you easily add colour to a garden? Luckily for you, we’re going to share with you some beautiful hedge plants that will be sure to brighten up your piece of land.

Photinia Red Robin

Photinia Red Robin is a great option if you’re looking to be bold. Its new growth is a deep red colour, and the name derives from the Greek word for glossy, which indicates the plants’ vibrancy. If you’re interested in finding more about this plant, check out this article.

Escallonia Macrantha

A highly decorative plant, Escallonia Macrantha originates from South Africa and has glossy green leaves and a floral display that flourishes from summer to autumn. You can ensure this hedge plant will brighten up your garden as the bright, dark pink or red, bell-shaped flowers will guarantee to make a large impact.

Purple Copper Beech Hedges

Purple Copper Beech has beautiful purple/copper leaves which tend to redden when autumn approaches. To truly flourish, this hedge plant needs to be planted in direct sunlight so you can experience the aesthetically pleasing sight of the light shining through their leaves.

Lonicera Nitida

This evergreen is another hedge plant that will change with the seasons. It’s more of a safer colour option if you’re not feeling too adventurous. Its colourful foliage which is a pale yellow colour in the summer and turns into a warm bronze colour in the winter. Springtime is a great time for Lonicera Nitida, as creamy white flowers will tend to emerge as the weather starts to warm.

Perovskia Blue Spire (Russian Sage)

Perhaps one of the most fascinating additions to the list, Russian Sage has silver/grey coloured foliage which supports grey to white stems which ultimately produce glorious violet/blue tubular flowers in the summertime.

Lavender Alba

This popular type of Lavender is also a great addition to make a bold statement in your garden. Grey/green colour foliage supports Lavender Alba, which is tall, pure white in colour, and pointed. Lavender Alba is also great for fragrance and attracting wildlife into your garden.

Cherry Laurel Hedges

We close the list off with a true evergreen, Cherry Laurel. This plant comes with vibrant foliage and delicate flowers. It possesses dark glossy green leaves with white, sweetly scented spring flowers appearing on the stems. This plant is also great for attracting bees and other wildlife before producing attractive, red summer berries that darken to black.

These hedge plants are sure to add an experimental splash of unique colour to your garden so why not give them a chance and see how they light up your garden. If you are searching for a particular colour – then it’s well worth checking out The RHS Colour Chart which is the standard horticulture reference guide used to identify a plants colour.