Establishing Photinia Red Robin

Establishing Photinia Red Robin

Establishing Photinia Red Robin starts when your plants arrive or you collect them. Follow these simple tips and your plants will take and thrive…

Photinia Red Robin at Hedge Xpress

Photinia- Red Robin 60-90cm
Photinia Red Robin 60-90cm
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Establishing Photinia Red Robin – Choose Container Grown

All our Photinia Red Robins are container grown – the most reliable form of new plants you can buy. It also means that your new plants do not need to be planted out immediately. If there is to be a delay, place the new plants in a sheltered spot and water. They’ll be perfectly happy for days – even weeks – but do remember to water them!
Establishing Photinia Red Robin – Choose your spot
Full sun to semi-shade, protected against the elements if you garden is particularly prone to harsh winds

Establishing Photinia Red Robin – Preparing the ground

▫ If you garden on clay, remember to dig in plenty of compost or organic material and, if necessary, grit or similar
▫ Dig a hole to a depth at least 1.5 times the height of the plant’s container and with a width at least 1.5 times the width of the plant’s container’s diameter at its widest point.
▫ You can dig in a handful or two of standard fertiliser if you like – blood, fish and bone is cheap and effective. This is advisable if your soil is poor
▫ Gently ease out the plant from its  container and place in the hole, filling in so that the top of container soil is level with the ground
▫ Heel in gently but firmly
▫ Water well across, and a little beyond, the planting area

When to Plant

Photinia Red Robin can be planted at any time providing the ground is not actually frozen. More pernickety horticulturalists say that the (marginally) optimum times are mid-March to April and mid-September to October, but, frankly, any time – including throughout the summer – is fine.

Planting Photinia Red Robin against a Wall or Fence

There’s no brighter way of disguising a wall or fence than establishing Photinia Red Robin against it.
To ensure rain can find its way to their roots, Photinia Red Robin should be planted at least 60cm away from the construction. And to ensure air can circulate, give it double the gap when planting in a corner.