The Facts about Box Blight: How can I prevent Box Blight? Part 1


The next three posts contain a few simple tips to reduce the chances of your Box plants becoming infected with Box Blight. The key is to keep your Box healthy – healthy plants are far better placed to resist disease:
• This is something of a balancing act as Box does like a shaded situation – but so does Box Blight. The answer is to go for a spot in semi-shade that is not backed by a wall, fence or other vegetation – let the air circulate.
Incidentally, the argument against putting Box in full sun is that it can scorch (and therefore damage) the leaves, rendering the plant more susceptible to Box Blight. Well, a friend has several Box Balls and Pyramids growing in containers in his garden. They are in full sun and while the odd leaf does show signs of sunburn, the plants seem pretty happy.
• When planting in the ground, ensure its feet are in well-drained soil…
…but keep the soil moist. Box is stressed (and therefore weakened and so rendered more susceptible) by drought
• Box Blight prefers still, dank conditions and good air circulation helps prevent it settling. So keep the surrounding area around any Box, be it in the ground or in a container, clear of other plants or containers. An exclusion zone of at least half a meter in all directions will help keep the air circulating
• See TRIMMING below on how to keep the air circulating within the plant
Part 2 follows…