The Fence Panel Shortage – Hedges make excellent Fences

Following the storms and floods earlier this year, there are thousands of garden fences that now need replacing. However, there is a shortage of fencing panels as reported in the national media:

 “Storms cause black market in fence panels with national shortage leading to crime spree.”
 “One of the country’s main fence-panel manufacturers, Forest Garden, has hired 100 new staff in order to increase production, but it still can’t get the wood in fast enough.”
 “There is even talk of fences being stolen from people’s gardens in the dead of night, and £20 panels quietly changing hands for £80.”
 “Prices have rocketed to record levels as a result of a ‘perfect storm’ of severe winter weather and a house building boom.”

There is, however, an alternative – plant a hedge instead. Back in February this year (2014) we ran four posts looking at this very issue and all are still available to read. The gist, though, is that planting a hedge instead of erecting a fence:
• Is no more expensive – and can be much CHEAPER (especially now with fencing prices going through the roof)…
• …easier to achieve…
• …and easier to maintain
• Is a longer lasting, more sustainable solution
• Offers security
• Is far better for wildlife
• Creates a good-looking, living boundary
As one national broadsheet put it: “Relentless runs of brand new monotone fencing can overwhelm a space that you are endeavouring to make into paradise. Planting a hedge is the cheapest way to create a green barrier…” So, if you are planning a new or replacement fence, take another look at those February posts and see if you wouldn’t be better off (in every sense) planting a hedge.