Gardens Sell Houses

Television is full of programmes on interior design, DIY and property speculation. But rarely do they focus on a simple fact: gardens sell houses….

Gardens Sell Houses

Whether the potential purchaser of your property is a dedicated gardener, weekend potterer or just interested in a space to fire up the barbecue or for the kids to play in, whatever space you do have will matter to them as much as the state of your kitchen and bathroom. Make the most of it as gardens sell houses:

Front Gardens

The front garden, as we know, has been under threat for many years. Concreting it over for car parking is now common – especially where on-street parking is non-existent or at a premium. But the front garden is the first thing any prospective buyer will notice.
So make sure:
• It’s tidy
• Hedges are trimmed
• Borders and/or islands are weed-free and planted. Small shrubs, like Lavender are ideal. Chose varieties that will be in flower over an extended period – click HERE for details
• Use containers if there is no or limited open ground. The following hedging plants will happily grow in containers: Beech, Box, Escallonia, Euonymus, Hornbeam, Cherry Laurel, Leylandii, Perovskia Blue Spire, Photinia Red Robin, Privet, Purple Copper Beech, Rosemary, Yew and, of course, Lavender and Rosemary. Click HERE for further information.

Back Gardens

Everything we’ve said about the front garden, applies to the one at the back – but it goes a little further:
• If you have a fence that needs replacing or has seen better days, seriously consider planting a hedge instead. The benefits of a hedge over a fence make good selling points and can be discovered in the following posts: Part ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR.
And click HERE for information about how a hedge can help if your garden is noisy.
• Trees growing in containers (Beech, Hornbeam, Yew etc.) add great appeal to outdoor dining and entertaining areas
• Lavender edging adds an attractive, affordable and low-maintenance touch of class
• Plant a winter flowering hedge by the back door, in the ground or container. They make a great talking point and who can resist the thought of a winter brightened by flowers and fragrance in such easy reach. Sarcococca confusa AGM (Sweet Box), Sarcococca ruscifolia (Christmas Box), Elaeagnus × ebbingei and  Elaeagnus x ebbingei ‘Limelight’ are all excellent choices
Gardens sell houses – and all it takes is a little time and very little money. Look round our website and call us if you would like some help.