Griselinia Littoralis

The evergreen Griselinia Littoralis originates from New Zealand and you may see it referred to by its native names of New Zealand Broadleaf or, in Maori, Kapuka…
Its tiny yellow springtime flowers and, subject to pruning, purple autumnal fruit are a bonus – Griselinia Littoralis’ main attraction is its glossy, apple-green foliage. Dense, bushy and bright, Griselinia Littoralis makes a first-class traditional garden hedge for the front or back. It will easily – and relatively quickly – reach the 2m height that many consider the optimum for a hedge but if you require an even more imposing stature and have a location without near neighbours, Griselinia Littoralis will achieve an imposing 6m. – and it is as hardy and drought resistant as it is unfussy and easy-to-maintain. The perfect hedge for specialists and simple gardeners alike.
If you have a coastal garden, Griselinia Littoralis is an excellent choice. It’s salt tolerant and, thanks to its dense foliage, will also offer excellent protection against the wind.