How to grow Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’

As Lavenders go, Hidcote is a mite less robust when it comes to the cold and frost so a little extra care is necessary…

Awards: RHS AGM
Foliage: Evergreen and narrow silver-grey leaves.
Flower: Deep violet-purple flowers in a dense display on 3-4cm spikes
Scent: Highly fragrant.
Hardiness: Prone to frost.
Aspect: A sheltered spot facing south, east or west.
Ease of maintenance: Extremely easy.
Pruning: Can be pruned throughout the year. Cut stems back after flowering
Drought Resistance: Good
Soil pH: Acid, through neutral to alkaline.
Soil Type: Clay, loam, sand or chalk – must be well-drained
Moisture: Plant in a moist, well-drained soil.
Light: Full sun.
Compactness: Bushy, dwarf Lavender.
Height: 0.1m-0.5m.
Width: 0.1m-0.5m.
Rate of Growth: Average.
Look out for: Rosemary leaf beetle, cuckoo spit (froghoppers) and grey moulds