How to grow Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’ AGM

Growing Photinia Red Robin is as easy as it is rewarding…

Ease of maintenance: In a word – easy. Pruning notes below.
RHS Award of Garden Merit: Yes
Drought Resistance: Extremely drought resistant
Hardiness: Photinia Red Robin is hardy but some shelter is advisable as new growth won’t appreciate late spring frosts. If you do plant Red Robin in a more exposed situation remember to protect it against these late frosts
Aspect:  No need for a compass – you can face Photinia Red Robin in any direction.
Soil pH: Acid, neutral or alkaline will do just fine
Soil Type: Photinia Red Robin prefers a fertile, humus-rich soil but will thrive in loam, sand or chalk. It will even cope with clay, though it is well worth digging in compost or other organic matter.
Moisture: Moist – but well-drained
Light: Photinia enjoys full sun but will grow contentedly in partial shade.
Compactness: Bushy!
Height: Photinia Red Robin will easily achieve the optimum hedge height of 2m and left unchecked on top will reach 2.5m-4m in all directions
Rate of Growth: Photinia Red Robin grows at a medium rate that will satisfy both the impatient and those looking for easy maintenance
Pruning: No routine pruning is required and Photinia Red Robin can be pruned lightly all year round to maintain shape and the desired height – and this will also keep the new red growth coming.
To achieve a thick garden hedge, you must trim early but the final height is easily managed.
Feeding: Feed in spring with a standard fertilizer if your soil is poor and/or shallow. A light mulch and/or feed can be applied after a more vigorous pruning – but there’s no need if you’ve only administered a light trim
Pests & Diseases: Generally robust, though it can be troubled by vine weevil, fireblight or leaf spot
PLEASE NOTE:Clones of this hedging plant are available but we are not yet convinced of their viability or suitability and have therefore decided to wait for the results of further tests and trials before we consider adding them to our list.