How to grow a rosemary hedge

A Rosemary Hedge is a relatively uncommon sight. Perhaps many gardeners don’t realise that a Rosemary Hedge can be trimmed as precisely as, say, Box…

Rosemary Hedge

Planting a Rosemary Hedge

Planting a Rosemary Hedge is straightforward

  1. Choose a location that receives at least six hours of sunlight a day – the sunnier the better. Wait until the chance of frost has gone before planting. The soil also needs to be extremely well-draining
  2. Break up the soil to the length of your hedge, 45cm down and 90cm-120cm wide. If your soil is heavy, dig in plenty of organic matter
  3. Mix in a 5cm layer of sand into the top 25cm of soil
  4. Mix in 5cm-7cm of well-rotted mulch
  5. The planting holes should be the same depth and twice the width of the Rosemary’s root ball
  6. For a dense hedge, plant every 35cm; for a lighter hedge, every 34cm
  7. Once the plant is in, backfill halfway and heel in carefully but firmly
  8. Back fill the remaining space and heel in again
  9. Water well and keep moist (but DO NOT waterlog) until the plants have established

Please Note: Rosemary is generally not a good choice for formal dwarf hedging (30cm or less). It does make attractive informal edging.

Trimming a Rosemary Hedge

For a neat hedge, Rosemary should be clipped after flowering and again around August. Any loose, extraneous stems can be cut at any time.

Feeding a Rosemary Hedge

Like any other shrub under a clipping regime, Rosemary needs nutrients. Apply a general fertiliser in spring and a high potash fertiliser in autumn – but don’t overfeed. The plants will become straggly.

Which Variety?

Most cultivars of Common Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) make excellent hedges of 60cm-120cm. Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Miss Jessopp’s Upright‘ is particularly suitable – and attractive.

Rosemary Topiary

Yes – the picture at the top really is Rosemary! They’re in the gardens of the 17th century Château de Marqueyssac at Vézac, in the Dordogne.

Browse our range of Rosemary Miss Jessops Upright hedging – available in a variety of sizes from 20 – 45cm. This is one of the few varieties of rosemary to have been awarded the RHS’s Award of Garden Merit. It makes an attractive addition to your garden, and is a handy herb to have readily available in your garden.