Hedge or Fence – Which is Better? Part 2: Security

So far in our comparison of hedges and fences, hedges are easily ahead, but what about the two criteria that most fence owners consider most important? What about security and cost?
The one consideration where a fence may be thought to have the upper hand is security – fences offer an immediate barrier and do not take a couple of years or so to achieve the desired height.
But, realistically, is this level of perceived security actually required within a normal domestic setting?
If you have grounds rather than a garden, then perhaps you will want to live in walled and splendid isolation, but the vast majority of us have neighbours, a front garden that is openly accessible to all and sundry and, unless you are end-of-terrace, a reasonably well protected back garden.
Planting a hedge that needs to grow instead of keeping a fence is therefore not going to make you more vulnerable – and if you are concerned, install an alarm, dead-lock your windows and put another bolt on your front and back doors because that’s what really keeps out the burglars.
And also, don’t forget that if you want a hedge AND immediate, full-height screening, a wide variety of hedge plants can be bought as container grown plants, 2m+.
We’ll look at the matter of cost in our next blog.