Hedge or Fence – Which is Better? Part 3: Cost


The final question – and for some, the most important – is simply which is cheaper? The answer may surprise you… Fences and hedges are available to suit all pockets but the simple truth is that if you can afford a fence, you can afford a hedge

At Wickes, a 6ftx6ft a single, standard wooden fence panel costs £16.13 – £29.94 when bought in bulk; bulk purchased wooden fence posts start at £11.68 and metposts at £6.99. So, let’s say you need a run of eight panels (this will just get you the bulk discount):

8 x panels  @ £16.13  = £129.04 + 9 x posts  @ £11.68  = £105.12 + 9 x metposts  @ £6.99  = £  62.91. This comes to £297.07

Next, you will need to give the panels the benefit of some kind of treatment to maximise their life. As both sides of the fence must be treated, you will need enough of your preferred product to cover 53 square metres. If you choose a simple generic coating this will cost c. £30.

The bill is now up to £327.07 to which we need to add delivery – another £30. That makes £357.07 – and that’s for a no-frills basic fence.

All that’s left to do is install it…but what if you can’t manage it, don’t have the tools and/or don’t have the necessary experience? You may be lucky and have a friend willing and able to step in, otherwise you’ll need to employ a contractor and that will cost £250 – £350. Let’s split the difference and say £300.

The total cost is therefore £657.07. How does that compare with a hedge?

To be fair, we should assume that you will be employing a gardener to plant it for you. It’s a day’s work, so let’s say £100. Next, we must think about the plants – so here are a few examples, sufficient to do the job:

Beech Bare Root (80-100cm) = £60.00 // Beech Container Grown (45-60cm) = £213.60 // Beech Container Grown (120-150cm) = £453.60 // Cherry Laurel Container Grown (60-90cm) = £99.00 // Cherry Laurel Container Grown (90-120cm) = £279.00 // Privet Bare Root (40-60cm) = £77.00 // Yew Container Grown (45-60cm) = £200.60 // Yew Container Grown (60-90cm)) = £346.80

Of course, the tallest plants do cost more but if you are prepared to let nature take its course, then planting a hedge is both the better and cheaper option. Yes, you can have that most magnificent of garden adornments – a Yew Hedge – and save over £200!