HedgeXpress: Most Popular Evergreen Hedging (I)

Perhaps the category with the most variety, here are the first three of our most evergreen hedging plants, counting down from #7:
#7 Perovskia Blue Spire (Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘Blue Spire’) AGM (Pictured above)
We think this fabulous looking plant deserves to grace many more gardens.
Its delicate, silver-grey foliage may drop for winter but the grey to white stems stay behind and provide an ethereal display throughout the coldest season. Then, when summer returns, it produces magnificent violet-blue, tubular flowers than can cover anything up to 30cm of its stem. And its leaves are wonderfully aromatic, reminiscent of both Sage and Lavender – it makes a magnificent backdrop for the latter.
#6 Escallonia macrantha rubra AGM
As reliable and robust as a shire horse; as pretty as a Lipizzaner and a lot easier to look after than either, Escallonia will grow just about anywhere as long as there is good drainage. In return, its dark red flowers will add a depth of colour from summer through autumn while its glossy green foliage will be a year-round delight. A fast, vigorous grower, it will soon reach – if allowed to – 4m x 4m. and therefore is an excellent choice should you require hedging that doubles up as a screen.
#5 Privet (Ligustrum ovalifolium)
Undoubtedly hedging for the people– reliable, attractive, low-maintenance and practically indestructible. As much at home in urban front gardens as rural back ones – and vice versa. If an Englishman’s home is his castle, the Privet is his moat.
Our top four are revealed in our next post…