HEDGEXPRESS: Most Popular Hedging and Edging Plants – An Introduction

There are gardeners for whom the popular is anathema – if a plant is to be found over the hedge in next door’s garden, then over their dead body will you find it in theirs. Not surprisingly, these gardeners are in a significant minority as the vast majority of us realise that a garden’s ultimate individuality comes from the full selection and planting of those plants. But, and let’s be honest, we can all be guilty of some degree of horticultural snobbery – some eschew garish colours, others cock a snook at dahlias, grasses (especially pampas) or even, yes it’s true, at roses.
However, when it comes to hedging and edging plants, gardeners are generally driven by personal choice and practical consideration. Yes, the Yew and Hornbeam may be considered a little regal but the Privet (pictured above) is rarely dismissed simply because it is ubiquitous. Therefore, in presenting a series of posts detailing our most popular hedging plants, I think there is little risk of creating a backlash. Any popular hedging or edging plant has to be attractive, accommodating and affordable.
NB: As specialists in hedging and edging, we are fully aware that we are primarily responsible for the supply of plants that will delineate a garden’s structure and shape. But while serving as a framework, our plants add just as much to the aesthetics of their space and any hedging or edging plant can make an excellent stand-alone specimen tree or shrub.
In our next post we will start our series on the most popular choices with Evergreens…