Hedging and New Builds – Introduction

Hedging and New Builds

Hedging and New Builds is a series of posts for developers – large and small – interested in how hedging plants improve the saleability of new homes…

New Build Hedging at Hedge Xpress

Photinia Red Robin 125-150cm
Photinia Red Robin

Hedging and New Builds

It’s not for us to tell developers how to design new homes – we’re simply responding to what prospective homebuyers have told researchers what they look for in a property. And gardens and the immediate landscape score highly. According to Rightmove, a garden is the third most important (behind central heating and double glazing) ‘must-have feature’ while another survey revealed that the garden is the third most important reason why people fall in love with a property – behind, not surprisingly, location and price.
Gardens, therefore, matter and this is a particular challenge for developers. Not least because soft landscaping is somewhat removed from the skills and effort construction itself demands. Of course we understand that even towards the end of the second fix, never mind during the first fix, the home(s) under construction is a building site and building sites are not conducive to plants and planting. But that does not mean the soft landscaping should or has to be left until the trades and JCBs have all left. And nothing that we will suggest in the coming posts concerning hedging and new builds will require any deviation whatsoever from tried and trusted construction planning.

Social Housing

This series of posts is as relevant to those building social housing for Local Authorities and Housing Associations as it is for developers building for private sale.

Hedging and New Builds – The Posts:

1. Planning
2. Fences, Hedges and Privacy
3. Common Areas
4. Family Homes
5. Larger properties
6. Small properties
7. Tips for and benefits of New Build Planting
8. Hedging Plants for Housing Developments