How To Light Up Your Hedge

Gardens are increasingly considered to be an extra living room rather than an adjacent, but separate, space. If so, how might you light up your hedge…

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Why Light Up Your Hedge?

It won’t be to everybody’s taste – I can hear horticultural purists muttering their disapproval –  but it can bring an extra dimension and a touch of style to your garden, especially for evenings spent outdoors. Besides, many a tree is lit up for Christmas – so why not hedges at the same – or any – time?

How to Light Up Your Hedge

The two pictures above illustrate the range of lighting from simple fairy lights to LED Net Lights. Jo Naughton, co-founder of, is, not surprisingly, a big fan:

‘Hedges look stunning covered in net lights, as they work perfectly with the uniform shape. The lights are evenly spaced over the net, which makes them simple to arrange, and if you go for connectable ones, you’ll be able to cover as long a length as you wish, all from one plug. If it’s a less uniform look you’re after, try strings of outdoor fairy-light strings that you can drape to give a twinkle here and there.’

How to Light Up Your Hedge – Which Varieties?

You can use outdoor lighting with any variety of hedging – from Hornbeam to Yew; Box to Commomon Beech; Privet to Western Red Cedar.

If you are installing lighting during spring or summer, do check your hedge first for birds building or living in a nest. Do not disturb them!

How to Light Up Your Hedge – Safety First

I know it goes without saying, but please follow these safety guidelines

  • Only purchase safety-checked lighting approved for outdoor use
  • Only purchase from reputable sellers
  • Follow the instructions – to the letter
  • Ensure that the power source is protected from the elements as specified in the instructions

In short, if you fancy it, have some fun. And if you’re worried, for whatever reason, about energy consumption,  go for LED lights – the use so little, your meter will hardly notice.