Air Pot – An Introduction


HedgeXpress Lavender Air Pot

HedgeXpress Lavender Air Pot

Air Pot is a revolutionary and proven growing system. We describe it as very clever bubble wrap made out of semi-rigid, but pliable, recycled plastic…
Air Pot is made from a material that can be shaped to create a wide range of containers including small individual pots, large containers and troughs in which several plants are grown together. We have just started using the Air Pot to grow troughs containing four Lavenders.
This may represent our first use of the system, but it has been developed, proven and further improved over a number of years. In fact, we are using the sixth and latest generation of Air Pot. Incidentally, every single tree planted for the landscaping of London’s 2012 Olympic Park started life in an Air-Pot and the nursery at Kew is growing over 2,500 species in Air Pots!

Benefits of Air Pot:

• It makes the plant develop a mass of healthy, fibrous roots that, in turn, absorb nutrients and water to maximum effect. This produces healthier, faster growing plants
• Its unique form eliminates root circling and so generates such healthy root development
• It helps oxygenate the growing medium, leading to healthy bacteria and better nutrient release
• It provides optimum drainage so the risks of waterlogging and water damage are all but eradicated

Advantages of our Lavender Troughs:

• With four Lavender plants growing together in each trough, their roots intertwine. This means you simply have to dig a single trench. Follow the standard planting technique (click HERE for our guide). Next, place the plants into the trench as one. It really is that simple, quick, reliable and cost-effective to create an instant border for your own garden or a commercial landscape.
To read the full story and discover the Lavender varieties available, visit our website HERE. And do get in touch if you have any questions.