Lavender Dwarf Blue (Lavandula angustifolia ‘Dwarf Blue’)

Lavender Dwarf Blue grows uniformly in compact clumps at a leisurely pace and so is the variety to choose if space really is at a premium…
It only reaches a height of 40 cm (excluding its delightful, abundant and relatively short pale-blue flower spikes), so a sunny well-drained spot can be found for it in just about any garden. While it will look fabulous and thrive in a pot, container or rockery, Lavender Dwarf Blue is the perfect edging plant. It can easily be trimmed to shape for a classical, formal look or left to create a more natural flowing border – even if left to its own devices, it never becomes unruly. Dead-heading will encourage a proliferation of new flowers from mid to late summer.
Lavender Dwarf Blue is robust, draught resistant, happy in any soil – acid or alkaline – and over-winters well. But it is not just a versatile and practical plant – those flower spikes are as gloriously fragrant as they are enchanting. All-in-all, Lavender Dwarf Blue really is a garden must-have.