Lavender ‘Grosso'(Lavandula × intermedia ‘Grosso’) – The King of Lavenders (Pt 2)

If you can only find room for one variety of Lavender in your garden, here’s why Lavender Grosso should be at the top of your list…
• Lavender Grosso is the most fragrant of all Lavenders. Perfumers use words like ‘fruity’, ‘eucalyptus fresh’, ‘sweet’, ‘aromatic’ and ’warm’ to describe it
• Grosso is the perfect Lavender for gardeners who like a sense of geometric order in their garden as its thick, tapered and subtly blue-grey-green foliage grows in naturally compact mounds that require only minor trimming to keep their dome-like shape.
In fact, Grosso has a unique attribute among Lavenders – it grows wider than tall and those domes can reach 90 cm across
• Its flower heads are exceptionally long – 7 cm to 15 cm – and up to 2.5 cm wide and remain on the stem longer than most other lavender varieties. They make excellent cut flowers
• Grosso is one of the tallest Lavender varieties with flower spikes reaching up to 60 cm
• The flowers themselves are a glorious violet, subtly tinged with pale blue and green
And in case you think we’re over-egging the pudding, it must be said that the strength of Lavender Grosso’s fragrance means it is not the first choice of chefs looking to add a subtle hit of lavender into their puddings.
We hope you’re tempted and in our next post we’ll demonstrate just how easy it is to grow Lavender ‘Grosso’