How to Maintain Hedges: WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO PLANT?

Hedging plants are bought as either BARE ROOT, ROOT BALL or CONTAINER GROWN…
Bare root plants are only available from November to March and should be planted immediately they are received – even if it is only into a holding pot. Failure to do this is the primary reason for bare root plants failing.
Once planted, they need less attention and can initially rely on rain water for sustenance.
Root Ball plants are only available from mid-October to mid-April and should be planted as quickly as possible after they have been received – though they can be left providing they are kept moist.
Containers may cost more, but can be delivered (and planted) all year round. They will not suffer if there is a delay in planting and, once planted, will establish quickly. Plant according to instructions and they will prove to be extremely reliable.
If you are keeping your new plants in containers for more than a few days check regularly as they may well need watering in the warmer months.