HedgeXpress: Most Popular Lavenders (Part II)


And here are the next two in our countdown of our most Popular Lavenders…
#4 Richard Gray (Lavandula × Chaytoriae ‘Richard Gray’)
(Picture top)
One of the most distinctive hybrids of recent years, Lavender Richard Gray was developed at RBG Kew. It is an exceptional, compact and low growing plant with cool, silvery-grey foliage and vivid violet, blunt-tipped, highly fragrant flower spikes during July and August. It spreads wide rather than tall and is a perfect choice for drying. It’s also a firm favourite with bees, butterflies and insects.
#3 Alba (Lavandula x intermedia ‘Alba’)
(Picture Bottom)
Lavender Alba is one of the big Lavenders and grows into ground-hugging domes. There is little that fills a larger space to greater effect. It is also one of the most robust Lavenders and will tolerate frost, drought and even a coastal location. Its tall, pure white, pointed flowers reach a metre or more and light up the garden from July right through to September – the perfect foil to its vigorous grey-green foliage. It’s ideal for ground cover, low borders, hedging and edging and is equally at home on its own in a tub, border or raised bed.