Easy New Build Planting Tips


These simple New Build Planting Tips show how a little planning for and care with the soft landscaping maximises appeal and help secure buyers…

New Build Hedging at Hedge Xpress


Photinia Red Robin 125-150cm
Photinia Red Robin

New Build Planting Tips – Buck the Trend…

This advice to purchasers of new houses comes from the RHS:
“In new developments, existing top soil is usually removed prior to building; construction traffic then compacts the exposed sub-soil. Debris and surplus aggregates may be discarded and covered over when soil is brought in to landscape the site. This results in an unnatural soil profile and a poor rooting environment for plants.”
This is what purchasers have come to expect. But with a little extra thought and care, and by following the New Build Planting Tips, you can exceed expectations and tell your prospective purchasers that:
 The garden soil has been thoroughly prepared and is ready for additional planting
 The thick wood chip mulch will keep moisture in and weeds out
 No man-made materials have been buried under the garden
 Any stone and brick rubble underneath has been covered with sufficient, good quality top soil for future planting
 The lawn(s), too, has been laid with care using appropriate grass varieties
 The hedging and edging plants are all evergreen, hardy, reliable and low-maintenance
 The containers have been filled with compost appropriate to the plant(s) they contain
 Even if they do nothing more to their garden, it will look good, have colour and mature into a practical and even more attractive space

…and Reap the Benefits

Generally, little marketing use can be made of the garden spaces – beyond just pointing out they’re there. But, by following the suggestions above, the garden can be used to sell the property in the same way that German white goods, a stylish power-shower or a low energy rating can and do.
As we’ve said before, gardens really do sell houses.