Photinia Red Robin Care

Photinia Red Robin Care

After planting, we can look at a few tips for Photinia Red Robin care. It’s not difficult as the plants are pretty well self-reliant once established…

Photinia Red Robin at Hedge Xpress

Photinia Red Robin 125-150cm
Photinia Red Robin 125-150cm
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Photinia Red Robin Care: Watering

Correct watering is critical for any plant, During your Photinia Red Robins’ first and second years, water when there is a dry spell. Once established, you should only need to water in severe, prolonged drought. It’s easy to spot if your Photinias need water as the leaves begin to droop – just like most other plants. And remember – Photinia Red Robin responds as adversely to water-logging as, for example, Lavender.

Photinia Red Robin Care – Feeding

Photinia Red Robin is not a greedy plant and will generally grow well unaided. There are, though, a few circumstances when a little help will be needed:
Choice of Fertiliser: As noted in an earlier post, blood, fish and bone works extremely well. If you prefer a proprietary brand then gor for Vitax Q4 or similar.
Poor/Shallow soils: Mulch and feed in spring.
After pruning: Photinia Red Robin won’t even notice a quick trim but after more vigorous pruning a little feed and/or mulch will be beneficial and encourage the desired new growth. Also, if you are trimming regularly (say every 3-4 weeks) to keep that new growth coming, then apply a little feed every 6-8 weeks.
Young Plants: During their first two years, feed twice a year in spring and autumn

Photinia Red Robin Care – Weeding

The area around any new plant, be it hedging or bedding, should be kept free of weeds and other garden debris. Of course, once established this undergrowth can become a wildlife haven

Photinia Red Robin Care: Pruning

Trimming and pruning causes anxiety in many gardeners but this is undeserved and especially when it comes to Photinia Red Robin. We’ll see why in our next post…