Photinia Red Robin: Top Ten FAQs


Photinia Red Robin’s most frequently asked questions are:

Is Photinia fast growing?

Yes. In the right location and with the little care it needs, it will put on 30cm in a season.

What’s the best position and soil for Photinia?

Any sheltered, sunny spot and moist, well-draining fertile soil will keep it happy.

And is it easy to maintain?

Yes. Simply prune lightly all year round to maintain shape and the desired height. Alternatively, prune more intensively up to three times during spring and summer. In poor and/or shallow soils, fertilize in spring.

Any pruning tips?

Stop trimming once autumn is imminent as that new growth won’t have time to establish itself before colder weather strikes. Always cut just above an outward-facing bud.

How do I maximise the display of colour?

Only the plant’s new growth is that deep, distinctive red. The foliage will slowly mature to a shiny dark green. So, to keep new shoots coming, lightly prune on a regular basis. If you want to minimise work, prune in June and August.

I want a thick hedge. Is Photinia suitable?

Yes. To achieve a thick hedge, you must trim in early spring. The final height (up to 3.5m) is easily managed by cutting horizontally.

I’ve heard that clones of this plant are available. Should I buy them?

We do not grow or sell cloned plants. We will review our decision when, and only when, cloned plants have been properly tested.

Can I grow it as a specimen plant?

Yes. It will grow singly in the ground or a container.

How can I maximise colour?

Try planting Euonymus (‘Emerald ‘n’ Gold’ or ‘Emerald Gaiety’) and/or Lavenders in front of your Photinia hedge.

How many plants do I need to grow a Photinia hedge?

We recommend planting at 55cm intervals.