How to Plant a Rosemary Hedge – Make the Most of Rosemary Miss Jessopp’s Upright

Ground preparation can be done a little in advance, but it is generally advisable to wait until the danger of frost has passed before actually planting…
• Choose a sunny, well-draining location and clear the run of the hedge of weeds
• For a dense Rosemary hedge you will need to plant 30-35 cm apart or 40-45 cm for something lighter
• Measure where each plant will be placed and dig a hole 45 cm  deep by 50 cm square
• Dig in 5-7 cm of compost supplemented by the same quantity of sand if you are cursed with clay  (a forthcoming post will be discussing how to improve soil)
• Ease the plants out of their pots and gently tease the root system so it is less compact
• Place the plant in the center of a hole with its top surface level with that of the hole. Fill with soil to the halfway mark and firm down, taking care around the sides of the roots. Next, fill the remaining space and firm down a final time. Avoid overfilling
• Water well and apply a light mulch to keep weeds down
• Until new growth appears, keep the soil moist – but don’t over water. Thereafter, water whenever the top 2-4 cm of soil have become dry
• As mentioned, Rosemary Miss Jessopp’s Upright requires little maintenance and can be trimmed to shape after the last frost and before spring growth has started and/or in autumn after flowering