Planting a Hedge as a Noise Barrier

n an increasingly noisy world, a hedge can help maintain peace and tranquillity in the garden…

If you are only troubled by occasional passing traffic , a single row of thick, tall hedges will make a difference but if you are trying to block out a busy main road, you’ll need at least a double, and probably a treble, row of similar hedging to have a real impact. Here are a few tips.
1. Plant the hedge as close as possible to the source of the noise
2. Plant closer together – say 7 plants per metre rather than 5
3. Choose evergreen plants with dense, top-to-bottom foliage e.g. Yew (Taxus Baccata), Box (Buxus Sempervirens) and Privet (Ligustrum Vulgare)
4. Buy the tallest plants your budget will allow to minimise the time it will take your hedge to reach its optimum height
5. If your garden is small – too small to allow a double or treble width hedge – your best bet is to erect a fence and then plant the hedge in front of it. (This is just about the only reason we can think of for choosing a fence!).
6. Specialist ACOUSTIC FENCING designed to deaden sound is available and comes in a variety of styles and materials, many of which do not resemble traditional fencing The combination of this plus a dense hedge in front of it is the best solution acoustically and aesthetically.