Planting for Larger Houses – And Introduction


The house hunter looking for luxury and exclusivity will expect more, inside and out and so the planting for larger houses is particularly important…

Photinia Red Robin 125-150cm

New Build Hedging at Hedge Xpress

Photinia Red Robin
Front Gardens

Everything we said HERE about front gardens applies – but more so.

Planting for Larger Houses: Back Garden Boundaries

Here a bare lap-panel fence is unlikely to create the right impression. Hedging, really, is expected whether or not it needs to be planted in front of a wire or other fence. For a truly grand effect, Yew is the perfect choice – or the equally majestic Hornbeam if the ground is heavy.

Planting for Larger Houses: Back Garden Beds and Borders

There is a balancing act required her. On the one hand, a bland, boring and empty space will detract rather than attract; on the other, a fully planted garden will, to the many who are interested in gardening, will consider it over-planted as they will have no space for either their idea or the plants they want to bring.
The answer, as so often, is a compromise:
 Yes, plant hedging along the sides (and bottom) and create borders in front of them – of varying widths to add interest
 Dot the borders with a selection of Lavenders and low growing edging plants including:
– Dwarf Box
– Christmas Box
– Sweet Box
– Euonymus Fortunei Emerald & Gold
– Euonymus Fortunei Emerald Gaiety
– Perovskia Blue Spire
– Rosemary Miss Jessopp’s Upright
But leave space for other plants the new owners may want to bring in.

Back Garden Island Beds

Whereas hedges and borders are near-universal features, island beds are more personal and we are certainly not suggesting that, space permitting, they should be instigated. However, if you do decide to include them in your landscaping, we offer an extensive range of plants ideally suited to create the foundation planting.


Yes, we are repeating ourselves but large containers, in proportion to and complementing the style of the property, will make a truly positive impact.