Purple Copper Beech – Hedges Don’t Have To Be Green (Part 2)

If mists and mellow fruitfulness aren’t enough to persuade you that autumn is a season to cherish, then the display put on by the leaves of certain trees as they turn to red and yellow will surely do the trick. In the world of hedging plants, the task belongs to the Purple Copper Beech

And it is a task this hedging plant is ideally suited for:

1. Purple Copper Beech has an immediate, if obvious, attraction for those seeking variety in their garden and in their hedge– its leaves aren’t green. They’re, um, a wonderful purple coppery colour…

2. …which varies subtly and harmoniously in intensity from plant to plant, adding even more to the aesthetic appeal of a Purple Copper Beech hedge…

3. … and then, as summer graduates into autumn, the leaves transmute into a deep and glorious red

4. As a semi-evergreen, leaves can be retained through winter if the hedge is reasonably well protected, extending the display into spring when the new purple leaves begin to grow. A quick pruning in early August will also help leaf retention

The Purple Copper Beech is neither difficult to maintain nor accommodate: it likes full sun and a well-drained, non-acidic soil and, if you can find a suitable spot that is also sheltered, it will go that extra mile. It also makes an excellent specimen tree.