The Rosemary Hedge – Lavender’s Forgotten Cousin?

Rosemary Hedge

A Rosemary Hedge should be as much a part of a traditional English garden as Lavender. But why doesn’t it get the attention and praise it deserves?

The Rosemary Hedge Today

Many a garden has Rosemary growing somewhere. Often it is neglected (not that it needs much maintenance) and only keeps its place thanks to its affinity to lamb. Yet with a little care and an occasional trim, Rosemary can become an attractive flowering specimen plant; a neat traditional hedge or even an elaborate topiary.

Rosemary Varieties

The RHS’s Plant Finder lists fewer than 100 varieties of Rosemary of which only six cultivars hold an AGM. So, for every Rosemary variety there are around five different Lavenders from which to choose. Incidentally, one of those Rosemary AGMs is the deservedly popular Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Miss Jessopp’s Upright’. What we can’t really say is whether there are only 100 varieties because of the lack of interest or whether Rosemary has second-class status for want of wider choice.

The Rosemary Hedge

As our picture shows, Rosemary is not only as good an edging plant as Lavender, it has the edge when it comes to creating a full-blown, neatly trimmed garden hedge. If you fancy what must be the most fragrant low-medium height hedge, then look no further. And look no further than Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Miss Jessopp’s Upright’. It is the Rosemary Hedge growers variety of choice, equally at home in the front or back garden. We’ll show you how in the next post.

The RHS Rosemary Trials

The RHS has just announced (March 2016) the start of a three-year Rosemary Trial with the trial plants due to arrive at Wisley this August. This should help raise Rosemary’s profile and encourage gardeners to view it as a decorative and practical hedging plant as well as an indispensable culinary herb.