The Rosemary Hedge – Make the Most of Rosemary Miss Jessopp’s Upright (AGM)

Rosemary is one of those familiar plants that suffer from that very familiarity. Yes, there’s many a garden with Rosemary growing in a pot or tucked away in the corner of a border, ready to give up a sprig or two when lamb’s on the menu, but few gardeners take full advantage of what this plant can really offer when brought from the sidelines and into the spotlight. One glorious way of doing this is to plant a Rosemary hedge and if this takes your fancy, there are few better varieties to choose than Rosemary Miss Jessopp’s Upright. ..
From a purely practical point of view, Rosemary Miss Jessopp’s Upright has excellent low-hedge credentials. It’s hardy, extremely drought resistant and relatively unfussy, requiring nothing more than a sunny, sheltered spot in any well-drained soil, be it chalk, sand or loam. Next, it will grow steadily – some might say, sedately –  to a height and spread of 1.5m in each direction, keeping its compact shape with little attention. It is, also, an excellent choice for coastal gardens.
But is it a plant that is actually worth growing? In a word – absolutely! Its fragrant foliage is highly decorative with dark green leaves displaying a whitish underside enhanced by a delicate, prolific and long-lasting display of pale blue flowers in spring and summer. And it is an excellent culinary herb – the Rosemary of choice for many cooks.
With all these attributes, it should be no surprise that Rosemary Miss Jessopp’s Upright is one of the few Rosemary varieties to have been awarded the RHS’s Award of Garden Merit.
In our next post, we’ll explain just how easy it is to plant a Rosemary hedge with Rosemary Miss Jessopp’s Upright…