The importance of green management and sustainability in horticulture

With growing importance being placed on sustainable practices across all areas of our lives, it’s no surprise that green management in horticulture is increasing in popularity. But what exactly does this mean? And how can you choose trees and shrubs that best benefit the environment?

Green management is about planting trees and shrubs with multiple purposes – reducing individual and wider carbon footprints, providing shelter for wildlife and helping to sustain the areas in which we live.

Green management for wildlife…

The strategic planting of new shrubs and trees for green management can create new habitat for wildlife, providing shelter and shade for a variety of species – from hedgehogs, to deer, to birds and insects. Providing green refuge for local wildlife helps to reduce loses during the cold months of winter and provide shade from the summer heat.

Not only does green management provide shelter, but shrubs can also provide all-important ‘highways’ for wildlife, allowing them to navigate safely.

Green management for our cities and environments…

It’s well-known that trees act as collectors of carbon dioxide, preventing the effect of global warming. They prevent or reduce both soil erosion and water pollution and contribute to the undercurrents and maintenance of rivers. Shade trees can cool outdoor environments, such as streets and car parks and often reduce the need to build man-made structures.

For the environments in which we live, there are countless benefits to planting trees and shrubs that provide multiple functions and contribute to a less polluted world. Not only is it great for green management, but it’s been proven that well-cared for, maintained and green environments around residential areas can increase property value.

Green management for the home…

Similar to in our cities, well-placed shrubs and trees around out homes can provide protection against adverse weather, regulate temperature and increase aesthetic value of houses and gardens. Using horticulture as a natural barrier can also increase your privacy, particularly when choosing box hedges with noise-reducing qualities, as well as a visual barrier.

We all have a part to play in creating a sustainable future and green management in horticulture can help us achieve this. View our range of hedges here, or contact us today to find out what will work best in your environment.