Western Red Cedar’s Uses

Western Red Cedar’s Uses

Western Red Cedar’s Uses are many. Western Red Cedar is as practical as it is attractive, whether you’ve chosen a hedge or one or more specimen plants. We’ll start with the latter:

Western Red Cedar at Hedge Xpress

Western Red Cedar 80-100cm
Western Red Cedar 80-100cm
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Western Red Cedar’s Uses – Specimen Planting

Western Red Cedar can be planted directly in the ground (of course!) or in a container. Remember, though, that if in the ground it can reach a height of some 12m+ and should, in these circumstances, be planted with the same care and consideration as a Leylandii. When Thomas Lobb introduced it to Britain in 1853 it was quickly adopted for specimen and avenue planting in the grounds of many a stately home – but unless you have the space and land, caution is called for.
As for containers, choose as large a size as your garden and pocket will allow.

Western Red Cedar’s Uses – Barrier Hedging

Thick and dense, a Western Red Cedar hedge is an excellent barrier against prying eyes; two and four-legged intruders and the wind. It is also as effective as any other hedge against noise. If security is a major requirement, plant in a double staggered pattern.

Western Red Cedar’s Uses – Formal Hedging & Topiary

Western Red Cedar can be trimmed to create as formal a hedge as Yew or Hornbeam and, therefore, can be used in even more elaborate topiary. Indeed, its tolerance of regular trimming and the ability of its old wood to reshoot if cut makes it a good plant for the less experienced.

Informal Hedging

Equally, Western Red Cedar can be left to do its own thing. Of course, you will need to cut your hedge to maintain the desired height, but if otherwise left you will achieve a compact but free-flowing hedge.

Statement Hedging

If you want a truly grand hedge and have the space without overlooking neighbours, a Western Red Cedar hedge can be grown to well above the traditional 2m height.

Wildlife Hedging

Popular with many birds for nesting, its thick undergrowth offers similar protection to smaller mammals and insects.

Just for the Joy of it

It will be a sad day when we only plant that which is useful. Western Red Cedar’s Uses therefore must include its inherent ability to brighten and add year-round interest to any garden.