Why you should choose yew hedges

Yew trees, also known as Taxus Baccata, are recognisable by their small, straight pointed needles in dark green. They are native to the UK, and have long been a popular choice for hedging due to their attractive foliage and ability to thrive in most conditions. Here are some of the reasons we’d recommend choosing yew hedges for your garden.

They offer great privacy

As a relatively dense shrub, yew makes for an excellent privacy screen to create more of a secluded feel to your garden – whether that’s to put a bit more distance between yourself and your neighbours, or to keep away the prying eyes of nosy passers-by. The dense foliage also means that a yew hedge creates an elegant barrier against noise pollution – providing you with peace and tranquillity in your garden.

They’re low maintenance and thrive on most sites

One of the best things about opting for a yew hedge is that they can be kept in check with pruning just once or twice a year, making them a remarkably low-maintenance choice. Yew hedges also grow well either in shade or direct sunlight, and are able to thrive in most soils – providing that there is good drainage. This hardiness makes them a trusted choice for gardeners all over the UK.

They’re evergreen

There’s nothing worse than spending hours planting and pruning your garden hedge until it’s perfect – only to find it bare a few months later when all the leaves fall off. Yew trees keep their green needles all year round – remaining in full splendour even in the dead of winter, and of course acting as a beautiful barrier against the harsh December winds.

They support local wildlife

As yew trees are native to the UK, planting and growing them offers the added benefit of supporting local wildlife. As mentioned earlier, these particular hedges are relatively dense and thick – making them ideal for small birds to nest in. Their distinctive small red berries are also a valuable addition, as they can be eaten by birds and squirrels.

They are versatile

One of the major benefits of choosing yew hedges is that they are versatile. Whether you’re looking for a short, medium or tall hedge – yew works well at any height, making it an ideal choice. Another aspect of this versatility is that they can thrive after being planted in either spring, summer or early autumn, allowing you the flexibility to begin planting throughout most of the year.

We’d therefore thoroughly recommend choosing these hardy plants, to add a certain natural beauty to your outdoor area. Given that yew trees are well-known for living long lives, you can be sure that these hedges will flourish for many decades. If you have decided that these hedges are right for you, we’d recommend buying them at a more mature stage, due to the fact that they can sometimes grow more slowly than alternative varieties of hedge.

At Hedge Xpress, we sell handsome yew plants in a range of sizes to suit your needs, from 45-180cm in height – so browse our range and order the beginnings of your yew hedge today.

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