Like both the Common Beech and Purple Copper Beech, the Hornbeam makes an excellent wildlife hedge…
As a semi-evergreen with dense foliage, Hornbeam offers ideal shelter and foraging to a wide range of birds and small mammals. Many birds will also roost and/or nest in an established Hornbeam hedge while its seeds will be a well-received autumn food for any Nuthatch, Finch or Tit visiting your garden. The seeds of a Hornbeam allowed to grow into a tree – whether as part of a hedge or as a specimen plant – will feed larger birds including the great spotted woodpecker, rooks and even Mallards. Small mammals, too, will eat Hornbeam seeds.
Hornbeam foliage is also a popular food for the caterpillars and/or larvae of several moths – themselves a foodsource for insectivores.

The picture above shows a Blackbird in a Hornbeam.