Coastal Hedging

Hedge Xpress grows and sells salt tolerant hedging plants suitable for coastal conditions.

With over 5,500 miles of coastline, England has a significant number of gardeners who must battle against high winds, turbulent weather and, of course, pervasive and invasive salt spray. Fortunately, coastal areas are not new and many plants have evolved over the millennia and across the globe to cope and thrive in such conditions.

Perhaps the most useful job a salt and wind tolerant hedge can perform in a coastal garden is that of a perimeter barrier. Plant an appropriate hedge and let it take the brunt. Once the hedge is established, the now protected garden can be planted with a far wider choice of plants. And a hedge can withstand far worse winds than even the sturdiest of fences.

The other good news is that salt-tolerant plants are not salt-dependent and can therefore be planted in suitable conditions inland.

It should be noted, though, that coastal areas tend to be milder as water may take longer than land to warm up but retains its heat for considerably longer. This means that plants that have evolved by the sea tend to be less frost resistant. So, if you live inland in a particularly cold spot, plants suitable for coastal areas may not be so well-suited for your garden

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