Frequently asked questions

Planting and gardening can be alien to people outside the industry and confuses and continues to frustrate even the most intelligent of us. I like to think of it more as an art than a science but it is best to be prepared when it comes to it so here we have come up with a few frequently asked questions with the answers. Do feel free to email us other questions to add on to here as we are always looking to help:

How does delivery work?

Delivery is available on orders over £180 including VAT, otherwise we offer a free click and collect service.

We accumulate all our orders and ship them on a Tuesday to be with you by Thursday. This means they won’t be in a warehouse over the weekend ensuring they will arrive in a much better condition.

For more information, visit our delivery page.

What does hardy mean?

Hardy refers to the level of cold a plant can with stand. The RHS have their own ratings so feel free to follow the link.

Is my soil free draining?

One way of doing this is to dig a hole and fill it with water. If it drains within 20 minutes it is classed as free draining. For more information, please visit our planting page

How do I plant my hedge?

For more information, Please visit our planting page.

What are all the different formats hedges and plants come in?

What constitutes as shade?

Less than 4 hours of direct sun (The sun shinning with the light not having to dissipate around it).

What is full sun?

6 or more hours of direct sun.

What is partial/moderate shade?

3-6 hours of direct sun.

What is dappled shade

Open shade where light still, but not direct sun light such as an open canopy.

What is Deep/Heavy Shade?

Usually with a building or conifer blocking the sun. Essentially the plant receiving less than 2 hours of direct sun light.

What are your returns and refunds policy?

Hedge Guide

Beech Tree

The HedgeXpress Hedge Guide will first help you to decide which hedging or edging plants best suit your garden both horticulturally and aesthetically and then show you how to give your new plants the best possible start.

Our Click & Collect Service


You can click and collect your order for free from our nursery in Bampton, Oxfordshire from Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm. Simply place your order online and select the “Click & Collect” shipping option, or call us to discuss your needs.

Do You Have A Question?

If you need help in deciding the best hedge, shrub or lavender plant to purchase for your garden then please give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01993 850979 and we will be happy to help.